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Registration has closed for the 2021 Event.
2021 Weenie Race Pup.png

For any other questions/concerns please email us at! We encourage you to join our Facebook group just for the races here:

NEW RULE FOR 2021: RETRACTABLE LEASHES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED AT THE EVENT FOR SAFETY PURPOSES! Please plan accordingly and bring your dog on a standard leash.

DO NOT leave any animals in your car while attending the event. Authorities will be called if any animal’s health is at risk.

Please be a good dog owner respectful of those around you and pick up your dog’s poop! There is a designated “Potty Zone” we request you take them to do their business which is away from the rest of the festivities.


  • Puppies: 4 months to 1 year old

  • Juniors: 1 year to 5 years old

  • Adults: 5 years to 10 years old

  • Seniors: 10 years and older

  • Special Needs: Wheelchairs, blind/deaf, etc. of all ages

  • Weenie Wannabes: all dachshunds taller than 11 inches, as well as any non-dachshund breed



  • Where and when is the race? The 2021 event will take place in the grassy field behind D.E. Turner Hardware on October 2, 2021, from 2pm – 6pm or whenever the races have finished, and all winners announced. Your race day packets (your Racer bandana and number, as well as a few extra goodies) are available for pickup October 1, 2021, at Wagamuffins Dog Boutique in Downtown Mooresville between 10am and 6pm. Additionally, packets may be picked up the day of the race at the Check-In tent from 1pm-2pm.

  • Who can race? The race is open to all dachshunds 11 inches or shorter for the standard races. All other dogs (dachshunds taller than 11 inches, and any other breed of dog) are allowed to race in the “Weenie Wannabe” category. In total, the maximum number of dogs allowed to participate per race is 180, which may take upwards of 5-6 hours before the close of the races. Please be advised accordingly.

  • What is required for my dog to race? ALL dogs participating in the races and/or contests are required to be vaccinated with their Distemper, Rabies, Parvo, Bordetella vaccines and the owner is required to submit the up to date shot records directly to us to participate. If we do not receive your records by September 30, 2021 you will be automatically disqualified from the races/contests.

  • How does the race work? Upon registration, each dog is broken into brackets based on their age. Each bracket will contain heats of up to 6 dogs per heat and each heat will run every 10-15 minutes.


The race arena will consist of a starting line staging area, and a track of 25-30 feet in length depending on the division running. Each entrant will be required to be controlled by their owner in the staging area and then held by their family member at the starting line. At the starting sound, the family member will release their dog, and dogs will race to the finish line. Owners can encourage or coax their dog to the finish line using treats or a toy however NO contact with your dog is allowed while they’re on the track until they have crossed the finish line or a winner of the heat has been proclaimed.


At the end of each Heat a winner will be proclaimed. At the end of all initial heat runs, a final race of all heat winners will be run to determine the official bracket winner. Each winner will receive a prize to commemorate their winning.

  • What are the track rules? Only owners of the dogs who are running in the current race are allowed on the track during their heat and are limited to two handlers per dog: a “releaser" at the starting line and a “catcher” at the finish line. The “catcher” for each team must remain at least 5 feet back from the finish line and is not allowed to cross the finish line or reach onto the running track area to physically touch their dog to assist them into completing the race until the winner has been declared.


In the event of a tie during a qualifying heat, a secondary run of the two involved contestants will be run immediately thereafter. In case of a “photo finish” a determination of a winner will be in the sole discretion of race officials. At the end of each heat, owners must retrieve their dog from the track as quickly as possible to clear the area for the next heat.

  • Does my dog have to be a Racer to participate in the contests? No, each contest is paid for separately and you may choose to enter as few or as many as you’d like with or without being a Racer.

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